AVINATION - Where virtual reality meets real life

What is Avination?

Avination is a growing 3D virtual space created by its residents. A place to chat, meet new people and make friends, create virtual goods or places, learn or socialize.


Get connected easily

Based on voice and text chat or streaming audio Avination makes it easy to meet and communicate with people. A perfect setting for educators, businesspeople or musicians to teach classes, hold meetings or perform live concerts.

Earn real money

Avination features a lively and diverse economy where you can create and sell items and services to other residents. The Care Coins (C$) you make can be traded for real, hard cash.

Bringing innovation to 3D worlds

Avination is not just a virtual environment, we also have a strong technology focus on becoming the missing link between the virtual and the real world.

Through constant development driven by innovative thinking the Avination Team works on adding unique features like online shopping for real world items within a 3D enviroment and linking virtual places with real places, real world media and much more.