A new roleplay experience

At Avination, we strive to bring you the best of everything, and when it comes to roleplay environments, we selected the best for you. CCS, the first and original combat System.

Created by Suzanna Soyinka to enhance roleplay in SecondLife™, we have licensed this great system and brought it to Avination.

More than that, we have also brought the well balanced environment of races, classes and skills that is the hallmark of the CCS experience. With a tried and proven system in place, we can offer a combat-enhanced roleplay environment not found anywhere else.

Best of all, you can even keep all your experience from SecondLife™'s CCS environment. (Terms and conditions apply)

CCS API Support

Avination offers CCS API enhanced weapons. A number of authorized makers of weapons systems for CCS have already arrived at Avination and their products are for sale inworld.

We will shortly release API v3.0 and will then be looking for more weapons creators to add the API to their weapons.

At this time, applications to the API developers program are closed.