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Welcome to Avination

Discover Avination, one of the fastest growing grids on the internet today. Avination's unique blend of content, technology and people will be sure to capture your imagination and provide an environment in which you can rediscover virtual worlds as they were meant to be.

As a technology leader, Avination has progressed far beyond what others have to offer. In Avination more things simply work, making your virtual life easier than you have ever experienced before.

Meet our mentors and help team inworld for assistance, training or just some small talk. They will be happy to help you with questions about things like importing, building or finding just that perfect pair of shoes.

Roleplay in Avination

Utilizing the renowned CCS Combat System, trusted as the RP/Combat System leader in Second Lifeā„¢, Avination has positioned itself as the clear choice for the most effective RP/Combat experience where performance and reliability count! Avination is the only other grid to offer the CCS Combat System.

Prepare to enter the world where good meets evil, where darkness fights light, and where chaos endlessly abounds. Release your inhibitions and allow your talents to prevail as you RP with others in this enhanced dark RP environment.

Why choose Avination?

Enhanced content protection

Avination is taking content creators seriously and is providing both administrative and technological remedies for this problem that has plagued creators for a long time.

Easy to use

Avination offers fully managed sims that require no technical knowledge to own and manage. We take care of the technical tasks of running a sim so you don't have to.

Low lag

Avination cares about your inworld experience. We have taken steps to reduce the lag you may know from other places.