Showcase - Meet our designers

Who is already there?

A lot of well known designers, creators and brands already joined Avination.

Choose a category to the left to see some examples of who you will find inworld.


Do you have a business or special destination in Avination?

To list your business or destination in our showcase, please email Saphira A-Team at leonie(at) with:

  • image 100px width x 60px height – PNG only
  • business or destination name
  • location (i.e. sim-name/0/0/0)
  • short three line text description

Finally, send a landmark (yes, you must have one to be eligible) to Saphira A-Team inworld. We reserve the right to copy-edit or completely deny submissions at our sole discretion.

Please Note: Any submissions sent to helen(at) during her last weeks of full-time tenure may have been missed. If you are unsure as to whether your submission has been received or reviewed, please resend it to leonie(at) Our apologies for the inconvenience.