How to get your first land

Logging in

You need to be logged in on the website to buy land. Please click on the "My Account" link at the top right and log in using your Avination user name and password.

Loading the map

Select "WORLD" from the menu and then click on "WORLD MAP." Zoom Out to zero (0). The map will show various color coded squares. These are:

Pictures of sims

These sims are already owned. If you are not the owner, they will also be overlaid with a grid of red dots.

Ocean with red dots

These spots can not be bought because they are too close to another sim.

Ocean with green dots

These are next to a sim you already own. Only you can buy these spots.

Open blue ocean

These are available to buy for anyone.

Buying a sim

Select one of the buyable squares and right click on it. A context menu where you can select "Buy" will pop up. If the menu says "Log in to buy" and "Register to buy" you're not logged into the website. Please follow the steps from "Logging in."

If the menu says "Details", you have selected a sim that is already owned. The details box will tell you who is the owner. Please select another square to buy.

If the menu says "Can't buy", you have selected a spot that is too close to a sim someone else owns. Please select a spot that has no neighbors.

Once you see "Buy" on the menu, select it. You will now be able to select a name and terrain for the sim and will then be giuided to the checkout page.

Completing your purchase

After checkout, you will be sent to our order review page. Please check all the details and then click "Complete Purchase". Your sim will not be delivered if this is not done.

Normally it will only take minutes for your sim to be delivered. You will receive email when your sim is ready.